the first
standalone headset
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Solutions for professionals. High return, low investment
Examples of AR/VR/MR business use-cases
Remote Assistance & Guided Work Instructions
Immersive Training
Design & 3D Visualisation
Marketing & Sales
Designed for extended use. Human-centric design
Comfort & Immersion guaranteed
Untethered, compact, light weight, optimal weight distribution, optimised thermal management, 4h of battery life.
Social acceptance
Flip-up to quickly see your surroundings without taking off the headset, hygenic and removable foams, elegant design, strict privacy policy.
Visual & vestibular comfort
Large AR FOV, very low video latency, anchored holograms, no screen-door effect, wide IPD coverage and correction lenses, compatible with outdoor and indoor use.
Full immersion
Foveated rendering, spatial audio, hand tracking, perfect color accuracy and color uniformity.
Pre-order (10% deposit)
What’s inside LYNX headset?
a compact design filled with technology a compact design
a unique optical design
Outstanding lenses
the most powerful mobile platform powerful mobile platform
Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Snapdragon XR2
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LYNX comes with a real business solution
Intuitive SDK
Lynx SDK is based on Unity 3D, and gives developers access to the sensor’s raw data (RGB videofeed, point clouds, ...). Building both 3D scenes, and 2D components for UI are made easy. Based on Android and compatible with 3rd party solutions like UltraLeap hand-tracking, and MRTK.
trouble shooting
Technical support
We value our customers’ peace of mind. A team of engineers is reachable and dedicated to you.
privacy by design
Offline mode
We perfectly understand privacy matters. You can operate online AND offline with no hassle. Your hardware, your choice.
easy deployment
Mobile device management
Android MDMs are supported and compatible with most existing platforms.
Non intrusive Terms of services
Our business model is based on hardware sales only. Your data are yours. We keep things simple.
Worldwilde & local partners
We have multiple distribution agreements with worldwide and local vendors. Ask for Lynx to your hardware provider.
business application development
Get the app you need
You can benefit from our network of certified partners to build and deploy the AR/VR/MR apps you need.
Pre-order (10% deposit)