LYNX is the first All-in-One Mixed Reality headset.

An amazing VR headset, which also happens to be the best AR headset.

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Ends 9th November 2021

Our campaign will feature amazing perks like the Lynx Special Edition which has a fully transparent front face.

A Word about Lynx

Lynx was founded 2 years ago by Stan Larroque and a dedicated team of innovators in electronics, software, optics and hardware. We believe our ecosystem deserves a versatile and open device like Lynx, for all uses from games & entertainment to professional training and education at a very affordable price point.

Virtual Reality as a medium is the best story teller, and Augmented Reality is basically a superpower. Both of these technologies are transforming the way we learn, play, and interact in the real world and all the virtual ones.

Part of Lynx team in our Paris office (Sept 21').

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Road To VR Road To VR

More to come this summer, with a lot of demos from us and reviews from the AR/VR community... Stay tuned, we will update this website in the coming weeks with a lot of content!

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